Due to overwhelming enthusiasm – join this extra opportunity to (re)watch the documentary Head, Heart and Hands + Q&A! 


Ready for a story on hope and inspiration? Agriculture has been around for 1000s of years on the steppe highlands of Spain. A 1.000.000 hectare area that is on the verge of desertification. But through regenerative agriculture and by revitalizing community spirit, it is shown how climate threats can be reversed. Because if we want different things to happen, we have to do things differently 


AlVelAlInspiration 4 Action and Commonland invite you to (re)watch the online documentary ‘Head, Heart, Hands’, followed by a Q&A session with Alfonso Chico de Guzman, local regenerative farmer and cast member, Elvira Marín Irigaray, the coordinator of the Alvelal association, and Astrid Vargas, founder Inspiration 4 Action.  


During the Q&A we’ll zoom in to the work of landscape restoration in Spain and how their work is revitalizing community spirit. Moderated by Commonland’s landscape manager of Spain, Erica ten Broeke, we will reflect on the highs and lows of the past 5 years. What lessons have they learned along the way? And what is their vision for the future?  


This event has taken place before. Therefor it is not possible to ask questions during the Q&A session.  


About Head, Heart and Hands 

The documentary shares the stories of local farmers Santiaga, Alfonso, Loly and their community – a group of social entrepreneurs in South-East Spain who are transforming their lands to create a new economic model. One that puts back into the land more than it takes out while improving economic returns and revitalising community life. 


With optimism and determination they offer practical and realistic solutions to combat desertification and decline of biodiversity and depopulation that affects so many rural areas around the world. The movie is an invitation to all of us to aspire to a better world. One built around healthy landscapes, thriving communities and regenerative economies. 


Find more information on or check out the trailer below!  


Programme * 

16.00 – 16.10 (CET) Introduction by Erica van den Broeke 

16.10 – 17.05 (CET) Documentary ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ 

17.05 – 17.40 (CET) Q&A with Alfonso, Elvira and Astrid 



The Spanish documentary has English subtitles. The introduction and Q&A will be in English.  


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