Increasing protection for farmland is a crucial step in bringing about food system resilience and fair food access. This is a particularly pressing issue for the areas surrounding Australia’s fast developing cities, but assuring the long-term security of farming areas is a pertinent lesson for the country as a whole.

In this webinar, Farm to Plate Program Director Jake Claro and Network Manager Sarah Danly will discuss how their work in Vermont attends to the intersection of food access with land use planning and farmland protection.

They will be joined by practitioners and policy makers from across Australia who will share state and local initiatives, and discuss how the Vermont approach might be applied in our context.

This is the second in a three-part series in which Australia will have the opportunity to learn directly from the leaders of the organisation responsible for the implementation of the Vermont Farm to Plate plan—by many accounts one of the most comprehensive and long-term food and farming system programs of its kind.

Everyone involved in food systems communities of practice —including producers, policy-makers, food businesses, community organisations, statutory and strategic planners, health service professionals, sustainability professionals, food security organisations and networks, educators and researchers—is invited to attend.

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