The plant health pyramid is John Kempf’s conceptual diagnostic tool to explain what sort of pest’s plants can become resistant to at different levels of health, and this course provides actionable direction, in mineral or biological correctives, to allow plants to manifest this pest resistance.

In this course, John describes concepts like passive and active immunity, which lead to removing the food source for possible pests, or actively resisting them. He addresses photosynthetic capacity as the baseline of crop success and describes how to increase and measure photosynthesis in the field. You will learn about the practical differences between reducing vs. non reducing sugars, mono- vs. polysaccharides, and their impacts on plant health, as well as what enzymes actually are, what they do, and why it matters, not to mention which mineral components remove impediments to immunity at different stages.

The course covers soil and air-borne pathogens, fungal and bacterial diseases, simple and complex digestive system insects, and the impact that plants’ sugar, protein, lipid and PSM production has upon them.

In short, this course explains why crops succeed or fail, with a deep dive into the fundamental information visually explained by the Plant Health Pyramid. If you found the Plant Health Pyramid infographic helpful, you will appreciate the in-depth information which John clearly describes in this course.



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