Managing plant nutrition during the season for maximum performance.

This course is a fascinating primer on the most current scientific understanding of why fertilizer does what it does when it hits the field, and how you can better manage these interactions. You’ve heard about the 4 R’s before, right source, right rate, right time, and right place (and they are right on.)

The concept of the 4 R’s has been around for a long time but until we start DOING it, it is just a concept.  This course deals extensively with both traditional and cutting-edge analytical tools and how to use them to best effect. Much of the promise of precision ag is yet to be realized, and this course was developed to bring further understanding to the field. Thus, time is given to explaining the use and interpretation of sap analysis, which we believe will be the standard of crop testing. In this course, John refers to a nutrient interactions chart based on the Moulder chart, where in-depth mineral interactions are clearly explained. This information is referenced back to the basics of xylem and phloem transport characteristics and to practical considerations such as crop stage, weather conditions and the materials applied. 

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