This course gives you complete how-to steps for production, chicken tractor construction, brooder management, pasture management, production costs, how to select and price retail cuts and much more. You'll even have an up close view of what it is like to pack, set up for and sell at at a farmers market. Everything is included on how to produce, price and sell pastured poultry. Nothing is left out!

Also included are bonus videos on marketing as well as Darby's digital tools package including all of his spreadsheets, daily checklists and guides to help you be successful right out of the gate.

Cost Details

Upgrade Option:

At any time in the future, you can upgrade to the full Pastured Profits course and get credited back for the retail sales price of this purchase. Simply pay the difference and unlock all of the added benefits of the full course: 23 modules, enhanced resources, additional digital tools, and much more!

Note: The workshop is non-refundable.




You will have lifetime access to the following for yourself and anyone else in your immediate household...

Online Streaming Video (Over 7.5 hours):

  • Pastured Poultry Basics - From Brooder to Freezer
  • Pastured Poultry In the Field and On Farm Instructional Video
  • The Multiuse Chicken Tractor
  • Product Pricing and Cut Selection
  • Marketing and Selling Product at a Farmers' Market
  • Forming & Organizing A Business

Digital Tools:

  • Excel Spreadsheets For Pastured Poultry: Darby's personal excel spreadsheets to help you establish costs, profit margins, retail pricing and more.
  • Chicken Tractor Plans: This e-book contains over 70 pages of the required materials, hardware, tools, etc. needed to build Darby's personally designed chicken tractor he uses on his farm. It also includes cut lengths for every stick of lumber, step-by-step assembly instructions for each joint, helpful tips and lots of drawings to make it easy to build. Complete with 3D images of the what your finished tractor will look like!
  • Pastured Poultry - A Guide From Brooder to Freezer: This 24 page guide is Darby's printable checklists for brooder preparation, brooder management, pasture management, loading birds, butcher cuts and more.
  • How To Select A Butcher Guide: A butcher is an extension of your business! This short guide will show you how to interview, rank and select the right butcher to partner with you on your farm business.
  • How To Select A Farmers' Market Guide: Not all farmers' markets are created equal, and they require a large amount of time and energy to participate in. In this guide, Darby walks you through a step by step approach on how to investigate, rank and ultimately select a successful farmer's market to sell your products at.

Bonus Videos:

  • Darby Simpson: Farm Marketing & Business Planning
  • Joel Salatin: Ballet In the Pasture
  • Paul Greive: Pastured Poultry & Guerrilla Farm Marketing
  • Paul Greive: The Guerilla Marketing Field Guide for Small Farms

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