Facilitated by our partner RegenWA, which you can also contact via the organisations page, for any questions. Or contact the RCS office (the organizer their-self) on info@rcsaustralia.com.au or 1800 356 004 .

Increase the overall health, productivity and value of your land

​Based on the highly regarded Farming & Grazing for Profit™ School, the RCS Soil Solutions Workshop focuses on understanding the strong link between how biology and nutrient components are managed to improve the health of land and profitability of business.

Topics covered:

  • Sequestering carbon in your soil
  • The importance of soil biology and its role in sequestration
  • The Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management (BEAM) Approach and its benefits
  • Ecological indicators and the six regenerative soil and plant health principles
  • Increasing ground cover to reduce erosion
  • Sustainable farm practices
  • Trading soil carbon

You’ll come away from this one day workshop with:

  • an understanding of the linkages between healthy soils, crops, animals, people and profit;
  • knowledge of how, as land managers, we influence those linkages;
  • information on cutting-edge topics; and
  • practical tools and tips to take home and implement

$544.50 per participant (with Early Bird rates of $440.00 available till the 16th of Feb) 

Includes morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.

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