Recommended Monitoring Protocols for Targeted Grazing Projects 

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Targeted grazing has applications in managing invasive species, grass and broadleaf vegetation competition in forest regeneration, fine fuels and fire risk, wildlife habitat, and other conservation issues. This field-based training workshop will assist land managers to successfully monitor targeted grazing projects using a standardized protocol designed to provide data to illustrate the efficacy of grazing prescriptions over time and provide feedback to identify points for prescription adjustment.
The target audience includes urban and rural parks land managers, Ag Fieldmen and weed inspectors, First Nations, landowners, invasive species councils, land restoration practitioners, conservation organizations, consultants, planners, and targeted grazing contractors. Workshop objectives include:
• Introduction to targeted grazing: what it is, how is it managed, how well it works in western Canada.
• Overview of recommended monitoring protocols.
• Incorporating traditional ecological knowledge.
• Hands-on, field-based training on an ongoing targeted grazing project.

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