The Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and American Grassfed Association will collaborate again to convene ranchers, farmers, environmentalists, land managers, scientists, medical professionals, nutritionists, students, teachers, and others for four days—November 19-22, 2019 in Albuquerque, New Mexico—to explore ideas of Health from the Soil Up.

Health, a state of complete well being, can describe everything from soils to economies. Health, of people, animals, plants, and the whole planet is fundamentally connected. At its root, the source of health is in the land; it provides food, medicine, (bio)diversity, tradition, and home.

Regenerative agriculture embodies a shift away from extractive practices, and toward holism, prevention, and proactivity. Making this shift will require bravery, humility, innovation, ingenuity, and sometimes, at first, failure.

The systemic connections between food, medicine, plants, animals, soil, and climate impact the health of people and the planet. The enormity of these systems and their relationships can inspire and be daunting—but ultimately we all play a role and have responsibility in how they function and contribute to health.

How do we reconnect and learn from existing knowledge, practices, and experience about the intrinsic connections between health and nature? What can food production and land stewardship teach us about health and its cycles? How do we engage with the land in ways that heal and nourish soil, our bodies, wildlife, communities, economies, and the climate? How do we adapt agriculture for healthy, regenerative food and medicine systems into the future?

Join us at REGENERATE 2019 to explore these questions, thought processes and solutions and others through long-form plenary talks, community roundtable discussions, and practical workshops on topics like the relationship between production methods and nutrient density; exploring social equity in agriculture; homeopathic veterinary care for livestock; interdisciplinary soil health research and collaborative conservation; and fostering the whole agrarian lifecycle.

Regenerate mind, body, soil, and spirit at this year’s convening, Health from the Soil Up.

Cost Details

We offer great rates for members from all three organizations and beginning agrarians, conservationists, and students! We will also be offering a number of scholarships through the HERD Fellowship Program.

  • Member Rate: $250
  • Early Bird Non-Member Rate: $275
  • Beginning Agrarian / Conservationist / Student*: $150




REGENERATE will bring together a broad community as diverse as the lands they manage.

Our attendees come from across the Southwest, the country, and the globe and bring their expertise as farmers and ranchers, scientists, government agencies, conservationists and innovators in managing healthy land, producing healthy food, and fostering healthy people.

Whether you are a young farmer preparing to dig your hands into the soil for the first time or a professional interested in new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, our conference has something for you.

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