How might we heal our relationship with our ecosystems? How do we restore our sense of belonging and identities with it to address the systemic challenges we are facing today?

Join us as we explore ways we can restore and re-story our narratives of restoration across cultures, generations, and geographies. Through re-generative dialogues, let us discover how our practices of ecosystem leadership in the decade of transformation and the UN decade of ecosystem restoration can offer ways to decolonize, re-indigenize, and shape new narratives for climate resilience and regeneration.

Restoring and Re-Storying Narratives of Ecosystem Restoration is a Community Organized session for the Global Forum 2021: Stepping into the Decade of Transformation by the Presencing Institute

June 17, 8-930 am EDT | 2-330 pm CEST | 8-930 pm UTC +8

Register via forum.presencing.org to join the full program. 

Hosted by: Sarah Queblatin (Philippines), Christine Cynn (Norway), Pieter Ploeg (Netherlands) of the Soil Circles and the Food, Farming, and Climate Macro Hub

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