Main Steps, Considerations and Lessons Learned from Australia, Mexico and U.S

Over the past decade, Mark Briggs and co-editor, W.R. Osterkamp (retired, USGS), along with 55 stream restoration experts have collaborated on a stream restoration guidebook entitled Renewing Our Rivers: Stream Corridor Restoration in Dryland Regions. The guidebook highlights the main steps in developing a restoration response for damaged stream ecosystems that will have the most likelihood to be successful and viable in the long-term.

As part of this webinar, Mark will introduce us to the guidebook, authors, case studies and lessons gained from stream restoration experiences in Australia, Mexico, and U.S. The flow of the presentation will follow the guidebook’s chapters, which reflect the arc of developing a thoughtful and long-term viable stream restoration response and include such themes as:

  • Developing realistic and thoughtful restoration goals and objectives
  • Assessing the hydrologic and physical conditions of a drainage basin
  • Adapting your stream restoration project to climate change
  • Quantifying and securing environmental flow
  • Implementing your restoration project
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Going long: considerations to ensure your stream corridor restoration effort continues to grow

Mark Briggs, M.S. is a stream restoration ecologist with over 25 years of experience restoring rivers across the western U.S. and northern Mexico, including the Rio Grande/Bravo, Rio Conchos, Colorado River and its delta, Santa Cruz River, Little Colorado River, Gila River. Main themes of his work include assessment of river biophysical conditions, on-the-ground rehabilitation, climate change, environmental flow, socioeconomic benefits of restoration, and monitoring. Briggs also conducts workshops on river restoration in both Mexico and the United States. He currently works on rivers in southern Arizona with RiversEdge West.

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