OpenGeoHub.org brings three expert speakers to tackle the hard questions on soil carbon – what, how, when & most importantly – with whom?

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Everybody is asking about soil data. Maps of soil type, nutrients, water, and above all – soil carbon. How much is there? Where is it? What type is it? What is the shortfall? How much is it worth? Can you measure it accurately?

As climate impacts are becoming felt and 2030 looms, there’s a new data rush and everyone wants in on the new black gold.

In such discussions, farmers are often considered a ‘cheap solution to a myriad of environmental challenges facing society. A climate fix, a degradation fix, a productivity fix. A win-win-win!

But how cheap is it really? To sequester soil carbon, farmers are being called upon en masse to radically redesign their businessesand to accept liability for these new carbon sinks staying in the ground for decades to come.

Where do they start? Who bears the transition costs? Who is there to help? Who owns the data? How can they capture the most benefit from their new soil carbon reserves? What does a carbon farm in 2030, let alone 2050, even look like?

To approach these and other questions, we’re diving deep into the dirty underbelly of soil carbon to chart ourselves a course – and you’re all invited!


Hear from:

Mariana Debernardini, the network coordinator of the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms, made up of exemplar farmers across the world who are already farming like it’s 2050.

Ichsani Wheeler (PhD), co-founder of EnvirometriX, a data science company focused on auditing ecosystems with results based methods and the equitable monetization of soil carbon and other ecosystem services.

Daniel van der Velden, a researcher at Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO), working on the social impacts of digitalization in the intensive livestock sector and how to make agricultural digitalization work for farmers.

Your participation is expected!

Agenda TBA.


This event is hosted by OpenGeoHub.org – an independent, not-for-profit research foundation promoting Open Source and Open Data solutions. We use machine learning & geo-computation to build digital earths in support of the global good. We train, we share and we promote open-culture for analysis-ready & decision-ready data, in order to help accelerate organizations to tackle the challenges facing us all.

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