How can we cultivate system change towards global regeneration in our relationship with earth?

Are you a changemaker working within the field of ecosystem leadership and ecosystem restoration? Do you apply Theory U in your efforts to shift the paradigm from ego to eco? Would you like to meet and exchange with like-minded practitioners from across the planet? Please be invited to Soil Circle: a dialogue space for those working with Awareness Based System Change (Ecosystem Leadership) in Soil, Food, Farm, Forest & Climate (Ecosystem Restoration).

At the root of Soil Circle is an intention to learn, collaborate and inspire. Together, we can share insights from our work and offer a space of support to one another when we feel stuck. People with all levels of experience are welcome. This includes those at the start of their journeys with soil work and/or Theory U.

Welcome to Soil Circle Dialogues

During the inaugural Soil Circle on May 18, we will explore the potential of Soil Circles to deepen the learning and sharing space around ecosystem leadership for ecosystem restoration. In the first 3-5 sessions, we hope to build a collective holding space that cultivates awareness and supports our practice as changemakers. Soil Circle is an open-ended proposal. With no fixed outcomes, we sense the different potentials for new collaborative prototypes based on resonances and patterns that emerge on our journey together. 

Who is organising this?

Soil Circle is offered by the partnership between Commonland and the Presencing Institute in collaboration with various changemakers across the globe. The partnership builds on the Presencing Institute’s Macro-Hub “Food, Farm and Climate Change” and Commonlands 4 Returns community. Soil Circle was sparked by the identification of Soil as a global acupuncture point and was ignited by the GAIA Live Session on April 1st 2021.

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