Soil ecology for restoring soil fertility, plant health, and sequestering carbon.

This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to further their understanding of the vast world of soil biology. This comprehensive and inspiring workshop will provide insight into the role of soil organisms and teach you how to better support their habitat, resulting in healthier plants.

Come see first hand how rethinking your soil management practices can reduce weed, disease, and pest pressure, resulting in less labor, increased soil moisture retention, healthier and better tasting crops, and perhaps most importantly an increase in soil carbon sequestration.


  • Extensive farm tour demonstrating our intensive no-till farming methods. 
  • Soil Basics- parent material, soil texture and soil structure- what you need to understand about how these elements relate to microbial life and the health of your plants.
  • The role of microorganisms in the soil
  • Nutrient cycling in the soil 
  • How to support soil ecology on the farm or in the garden
  • Understanding soil carbon sequestration
  • Compaction- causes and no-till solutions
  • The role of organic matter and compost
  • The Four Principals of Soil Health (you will have the opportunity to see first hand how I incorporate each of them on the farm)
  • No-till tools and techniques and how to transition your existing soil management practices into a no-till/ minimal till operation 
  • Multi cropping without tillage
  • Cover cropping with minimal soil disturbance 
  • How we utilize occultation (tarping) in the winter and early spring months

Instructor: Jen Aron

"I've spent the past twelve years as a farmer and horticulture educator in the Pacific Northwest. I learned how to farm from a "conventional organic" farming lens, but after about six years, I realized these methods were not working for me. My pest and disease pressure was absurd and my yields suffered as a result. Something needed to change in the way I managed my farm. For the past four years, I have spent hundreds of hours learning to understand the complexities of microbial life and creating an approachable and inspiring curriculum specifically for growers."

3 workshop dates to choose from:

The baseline curriculum will be the same for all of the dates. However, the farm does vary from season to season and there will be nuance to the farm tour depending on when you choose to attend. 

April 4th: Perfect for farmers (and gardeners) looking to reconsider their tillage practices before the season gets going. This is a great opportunity to see how we transition from cold, soggy soils into a productive spring without compromising the integrity of our soil. 

July 11th: Our season will be in full swing and there will be lots of opportunity to see a regenerative agriculture farm in full production mode. 

September 12th: The farm is still in full production, but September marks the season when the farm transitions into fall and winter planning. You will get to see first hand how we plan our fall season to protect and nourish our soil through the winter while continuing to grow and market food for the community.

Cost Details

  • Want to bring your farm crew out? Please contact Jen at 503-758-7386 for discount pricing.




  • Handouts will be provided.

Kindly bring the following: (workshop will be rain or shine, please be ready for inclement weather)

  • For spring workshops, rain gear is a must
  • Lunch and snacks to get you through a day of learning
  • Water bottle
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Pen/pencil and notebook for taking notes
  • Anything else you may need to be comfortable for the day (Summer workshops- sunscreen, hat, etc.)

More information

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