Following-on from the Part 1: Soil Health & RegenAg Intro, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to:

  • Implement the soil- and pasture health principles on your farm
  • Design a basic farm layout that facilitates your management goals
  • Create a grazing plan to maximise potential of forage resources, and minimise work


  • Save time and facilitate adaptive pasture management
  • Design farm layouts & permanent infrastructure, trees, fences, water etc.
  • Learn the principles of whole farm planning
  • Understand criteria for selecting appropriate equipment & infrastructure
  • Minimise capital expenditure by selecting flexible infrastructure

Course Details

Runs for two mornings 9am - 1.00pm

  • Session 1: Presentation based - walking you through the process of creating a grazing plan, and getting you set-up to create the plan.
  • Session 2: Workshop based - drawing-up your grazing plan, forage budget, updating field list and farm maps.

Offline Viewing

All sessions will be videoed and made available to you offline, for you to watch again or to view if you miss the live session.


Grazing Planning

  • Grazing charts and plans
  • Calculating live weight & group numbers
  • Herd management schedule
  • Forage budgeting

Whole Farm Planning

  • Hedge management for function & biodiversity
  • Trees on farm & agroforestry
  • Surface water capture & redistribution
  • Water - infrastructure & layout
  • Fencing – temporary/permanent
  • Access - tracks, gates etc
  • Yards & materials handling
  • Nutrient/manure management - composting, deep bedding etc
  • Monitoring & data gathering
  • Trials & feedback - exclusion cages, split-field treatments etc

Course Essentials

  • Farm maps (Field Margin, Google Earth or hard copy)
  • Up-to-date list of field name and sizes
  • Livestock numbers, age-class or liveweights
  • Grazing diary (optional)
  • List of key dates: prescriptions, testing etc (as comprehensive as poss)
  • Laptop/tablet - running Excel etc
  • Webcam/smartphone

Tools & Technology

  • Field Margin app -
  • Soilmentor app -




This training is suitable for those that have completed our course on "Part 1 – Soil Health & RegenAg Intro".

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