Soil Health - Pasture Health - Whole Farm Planning

Ever wanted to know what it is that makes grass grow rapidly and in drought? Want to know how to convert consolidated soil into friable top soil that doesn’t saturate? Like to know how to create the most beneficial environment for stock on your farm?

On this course, lead by Niels Corfield, you will:

  • Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture, soil health and pasture management on grazed operations
  • Learn how to monitor soil/pasture on your farm.
  • Be introduced to new ways of thinking about the "farming problem" and new ways to monitor your farm.

Course Details

Runs for two mornings 9am - 1.00pm

  • Session 1: Presentations - Regenerative ag & soil health principles
  • Session 2: Workshop/Presentations - Analysis of soils/pasture on your farm and pasture health principles

Soilmentor Access

When enrolled you will be given complementary access to a Soilmentor account for use on the course, for: recording soils observations and sharing data with the tutor, for feedback and analysis on session 2.

Offline Viewing

All sessions will be videoed and made available to you offline, for you to watch again, or to view if you miss the live session.


  • Improving soil health / pasture health
  • Improving drainage and water holding on your land
  • Growing more and better forage
  • Reducing reliance on external inputs or contractor services
  • Identifying opportunities for out-wintering & season extension
  • Getting feedback on-farm: monitoring & data, on-farm trials
  • Skills training on using Soilmentor and carrying-out basic tests


  • Understanding soil health: soil health principles for graziers
  • Learning to read your soil and pasture
  • Principles of grazing management
  • Grazing management systems: mob grazing & planned grazing
  • Time-saving strategies for management of land & livestock
  • Overseeding existing pasture & establishing new covers
  • Monitoring, data gathering & Soilmentor

Who is this Training Suitable for?

  • Farmers
  • Graziers, herdsmen & shepherds
  • Landowners
  • Farm & estate managers
  • New entrants
  • Ecologists & advisors

Tools & Technology

  • Field Margin app -
  • Sectormentor for Soil app -

About Niels Corfield

On a mission to create regenerative farms and landscapes in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance and productive. He offers specialist advice and training on: soil health, planned grazing, agroforestry and whole farm planning. He designs agroforestry systems and whole farm plans. In his work on soils monitoring, he has helped to develop the Soilmentor app & website, and helped co-ordinate the PFLA’s Monitoring the Pulse of Soils under Pasture project. He produces soil- and pasture health reports and coaches farmers and growers as they transition to regenerative practices. His clients include Southannan Estate, Fir Farm, Dora’s Dairy, Birch Farm Woolsery and Fosse Tillery Farm, Durie Farms Estate.



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