Storytelling is a critical tool for landscape restoration. Join this Community of Practice for an interactive storytelling session.

Humans connect through storytelling. The best stories are the ones that move us, the ones that allow us to empathize with the experience of others, that evoke our emotions, and that tap into our own vulnerabilities and impression of what life is really like.

Telling the story of landscape restoration from various perspectives is crucial to bring different stakeholders together. To connect, empathize, and understand all the people or players who can make regenerative and holistic landscape restoration possible.

On May 25th we are therefore organizing another storytelling session, this time the theme of the storytelling will be “collaboration for landscape restoration”.

Can you share a story of when people in your landscape/community came together to tackle a common problem through collaboration? Did you use creative ways to come together, perhaps interesting technology? Do you have an example of a landscape project that failed due to a lack of collaboration? What lessons did you learn from this experience? How have you been able to address social and environmental issues in your landscape through collaboration?

If these questions intrigue you and have a story to tell, sign up here and come to the session on May 25th! We will provide some tips and tools for you to help you tell your story.

The program of the session will be the following:

09:00-09:05: Check-in

09:05-09:15: Tips for storytelling

09:15-09:30: Filling out the storytelling template & prepare stories

09:30-09:55: Telling the stories to the group

09:55-10:20: Plenary discussion

10:20-10:30: Check-out

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