Storytelling is a critical tool for landscape restoration. We all connect to and learn through stories. Join this Community of Practice for an interactive storytelling session.

We are so often presented with hard numbers and facts relating to landscape degradation. Yet this can only engage people so far. We need stories to connect people with the real impact of both degradation and restoration. That’s how we can show the reality of what it means to restore a landscape; the transformation of a farm, the reality of rural depopulation, and how it feels to hear birdsong return to a valley.

Storytelling is also about inspiring each other. Through stories, we can motivate ourselves as a community of like-minded people. We can share what inspires us, and what our challenges are, and we can learn from each other through storytelling.

This Community of Practice will be an interactive storytelling session. There will be an introduction to storytelling before we go into breakout groups to create a story, before presenting these stories to the whole group.

Note: We hope to share the presented stories on the platform after the session, so all our community can harvest from the storytelling inspiration.


16:00-16:05: Check-in

16:05-16:15: The Power of Storytelling

16:15-16:50: Preparing the stories

16:50-17:20: Telling the stories to the group

17:20-17:30: Check-out

If storytelling intrigues you, sign up here to participate!

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