Gympie Region with Scott Hall of ‘Gabalah Syntropic Farm’

Learn an essential food security tool - limited tickets.

With additional global security concerns over environment, food and health on top economic and political ‘norms’ - new security threats loom large. agroecology institute researches and addresses these concerns by examining the eco physiological relationships of plants to environmental threats in the region. As part of this work, we aim to produce a grade quality food supplies, nurture and protect the environment, provide access to experts via training and workshops to enhance social and community security to our area.

Understanding and observing how forests grow and how nature works is at the heart of syntropic agroforestry, along with providing improved soil and food quality and expediating the growth of plants in difficult biomes - such as ours.

Syntropic agroforestry and successional planting are essential tools that every home owner, small or large scale farmer needs in these difficult times. Therefore we at the Agroecology Institute proudly present our first workshop:

An outstanding opportunity to learn from Australia’s pack leading syntropic pioneer Scott Hall.

What can be said about Scott? Where do you begin?

Since I first met Scott, I grew from respect of his Syntropic Farm Gabalah to immense respect for the person and the heart Scott has for the farmers, the people and the next generation of this country. Scott is all heart seeking to change our present climate crisis and looming soil and food security concerns to a land of ‘beyond organic and beyond sustainable’ abundance. Scott has so much knowledge to give, it literally bursts from his soul. He holds nothing back and imparts wisdom backed by a lifetime of experience. Scott is well known in permaculture, agriculture, regenerative agriculture, silvopasture and of course Syntropic Agroforestry fields.

Scott is a true Australian Syntropic Farming pioneer and “boots in the dirt, hands in the paddock, machete swinging, tree planting, certified restaurant quality harvester and professional practitioner”. Scott has lived and researched syntropic farming for nearly a decade learning from the worlds leading syntropic professionals.

Scott’s lifelong experience in agriculture, regenerative practice, horticulture and permaculture make Scott a mind absorbing ‘must see’.

Learn all level one principles hands-on with Scott Hall over four days at a fully catered and affordable event, including everything you will need to know on how to build and manage syntropic crops, and most importantly how to succeed as a syntropic farmer, in the real world.

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