Inspiring many thousands of visitors since tours commenced in 2010, this experience offers a genuine look into the workings of a farm that’s been at the forefront of Regenerative Agriculture and Ethical Animal Husbandry for nearly a decade. Entertaining and educational for the whole family.

You’ll likely meet farrowing sows with their endearing piglets, maternal cows with their offspring, chickens (both laying hens and meat birds) and even talkative turkeys (when in the season). You’ll learn how we orchestrate the movements of our livestock to produce maximum natural pasture fertilisation, soil improvement, and enhanced animal well-being.

Visit pastured hens living with our majestic and fully mobile hen houses. Broiler meat chicken fleets in coordinated formation traversing the landscape and contented forest-dwelling social pigs, massaging and encouraging soil life through ‘strategic disturbance’.

An unmissable opportunity to personally certify our farm in a way no food label ever could. See for yourself how we raise our livestock. Walk away confident in our responsible management and deepen your connection with the farm.

TARANAKI FARM practices & promotes ethical animal husbandry, regenerative landscape stewardship and we stand for local community renewal. The farm produces (seasonally): BEYOND ORGANIC pastured eggs, chickens, beef & pork and is situated 45 minutes' drive from Melbourne.

We're in the integrity business, supplying nutritious, emotionally satisfying & TRUSTWORTHY food - for a fair price. We connect the farm to the people. Healing the local economy and ecology while providing inspiration & education for young farmers everywhere.



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