The Conservation Symposium is a platform to facilitate the sharing of ideas and lessons, and for the co-creation of solutions to contemporary conservation issues in Africa.

The Conservation Symposium serves as a bridge between conservation practitioners, scientists, and policymakers in a conducive environment to solve real-world problems. It integrates a broad range of disciplines in a meaningful way, creating and strengthening connections both within and between disciplines. It provides an effective platform for researchers to demonstrate the relevance of their work in addressing real-world conservation problems, and to identify new applied research opportunities and directions. It also provides a platform for training and skills development for conservation science and monitoring.

Emerging or ongoing issues identified by the conservation sector will be tackled through careful construction of the program, including providing a selection of leading international keynote speakers, presentation of synthesis papers, and facilitated discussions. It also provides a platform for horizon scanning and exploration of new policy directions.

The Conservation Symposium 2021 will be free and online, thus facilitating participation by African conservation practitioners and expanding its reach worldwide!

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