The Nutritive Cycle By Chris Trump

Finally Understand When and How to Apply Natural Farming Inputs & Solutions

The Nutritive Cycle is beautiful in its complexity. The principles of the Nutritive Cycle are fundamental in understanding what your plant needs to thrive. I wish I would’ve had this course when I started on my own Natural Farming journey, and that’s why I created it. In it, you’ll have the tools you need for every plant growing situation. The key is knowing the principles of the Nutritive Cycle so that you can customize it for your farm. This is a tool to grow productive crops at a low cost.

I’ve personally studied under Master Cho, one of the key innovators of Korean Natural Farming. Through translators and numerous trips to South Korea, I’ve made this missing link in Natural Farming available to the English speaking world.

Discover in this video course when to apply each Natural Farming input and solution and how to easily make a tailored plan for your plant’s specific needs in the Nutritive Cycle, while keeping your costs down.

I taught this session in a 5-day intensive class and I’m just now making it available online. This is the best and most concise introduction and explanation of the Nutritive Cycle available anywhere.

This is a living course. I’ll be adding extra Q&A videos answering the most frequently asked questions about the Nutritive Cycle to my online course attendees. I want to make sure that you understand these concepts and are equipped to implement the Nutritive Cycle on your farm/garden.

So what makes Korean Natural Farming unique?

It combines the rock-solid technique that makes dollars and cents with a philosophy of regenerative agriculture.

Korean Natural Farming broadens our perspective of how nature is self-sustaining and if we pay attention to it, we can partner with nature’s incredible design. The practice of Korean Natural Farming teaches us to use the power of observation to heighten our awareness of the intricacies of plant and livestock growth. Chris Trump is inviting you to join him on the adventure of growing a deeper understanding and connection with nature and the one who painted it.



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