‘How to put money to work in regenerating soils at scale and growing a lot of tasty food while doing so?’

We have been following the regenerative agriculture and food space since 2011 and have recorded more than 100 hours of audio since 2016. We think it is time to share our lessons learned! :) 

Why invest in regenerative agriculture and food? (plus the risks of investing in conventional extractive agriculture)

How to invest in regenerative agriculture and food?

What to invest in, when investing in regenerative agriculture and food


– dig deeper

– share our decision making framework

– what to read

– what to listen to

Looking at: Nutrient density, regeneration at a landscape scaleag tech, transition finance for farmers, food companies, food as medicine, ecosystem services and payments and much more!

Cost Details

Price! Pay what you think it’s worth?!

We invite you to pay what you think it’s worth (inspired by Charles Eisenstein and Frederic Laloux).


Because we all have different life circumstances. We trust that when we give/create value, we will also receive in abundance. 

Plus it is impossible for us to know how much my work is worth to you.

How does it work?

If you have the means, think what this course is worth to you (which could be $0 for now) and pay that! 

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that this work is ‘free’!

Still confused???

Sure! If you need context, we would sell this to a financial institution or an investor for at least $399-$599.

(Please don’t see this as a push to pay that, we are aware that our audience has very different means.)

P.S. I like the thought that at this very moment, no one knows what the course will mean to you, and what you will want to give back for it.


A series of currently 17 short videos (10-15min) plus downloadable pdf slides with our lessons learned after recording over 100+ interviews with investors, fund managers, farmers, scientists since 2016, always asking the question: 

Overview lessons

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. What is regenerative agriculture
  3. Why invest – Risks
  4. Why invest – Opportunities
  5. Why invest- Impact
  6. How to invest – Framework
  7. How to invest – Nutrient dense food
  8. How to invest – Landscape restoration
  9. How to invest – Payments for ecosystem services
  10. How to invest – Transition finance
  11. How to invest – Returns
  12. What to invest in – Land
  13. What to invest in – Transition Finance for Farmers
  14. What to invest in – Food Companies
  15. What to invest in – Ag tech
  16. What to invest in – Ecosystem services
  17. What to invest in – Co-Investors 

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