We will bring together experts who are at the forefront of regenerative farming pratices, to understand what it is and if it can replace conventional farming as we all know it (webinar 1.1). We will also showcase what are the realities in the EU and in Portugal concerning the practices of regenerative farming (webinar 1.2). In the last webinar (1.3) we will aim at empowering farmers with tools for putting regenerative agricultural practice at hand!


  1. Towards regenerative agriculture: the case of dairy and arable farming in the Netherlands (Loekie Schreefe, from Wageningen University and Research)


  1. Regenerative grazing management: environmental and health benefits (Nerea Mandaluniz, from Animal Production Department of NEIKER)


  1. The case for regenerative agriculture regenerative farmer success stories (Philip Fernandez, from European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food)

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