This webinar, hosted by UNEP and UNEP-WCMC, will help investors, fund managers and other actors in the land use finance space to understand the benefits and challenges of assessing the impact of their investments on the broader landscape, and how a landscape approach could potentially be integrated in sustainable land use finance activities.

Experts in the field will present the criticality of taking a landscape approach to advancing many of the foundational biodiversity and climate goals.

– Paul Chatterton, CEO of the Landscape Finance Lab will give an introduction to landscape/jurisdictional approaches, and discuss how are they linked to biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation goals.
– Gita Syahrani, Head of Secretariat of Sustainable District Association, Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari, will then provide a case study of how LKTL executes a jurisdictional approach across the landscapes they manage in Indonesia, and how they have worked with investors in this way to create further impact.
– Finally, Adrian Lain Perez, Sustainability Analyst at SAIL Ventures will discuss how they worked with &Green to integrate a landscape approach in their investments.

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