Join the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment of France (INRAE) for a webinar that will explore the challenges and opportunities in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and approaches to curve the global decline in biodiversity.

FAO’s State of the World Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture Report (2019) and other global assessments present worrying evidence that the biodiversity that underpins our food systems is rapidly disappearing by the day – putting the future of our food, livelihoods, health, and environment under severe threat. Once lost, species and biodiversity for food and agriculture cannot be recovered. Yet there are signs of hope in many countries around the world. In fact, biodiversity-friendly practices are on the rise, yet these efforts need to be scaled up and better coordinated.

This high-level webinar will examine what actions and policies are needed to bring about a world where agriculture and food systems reduce their negative impacts on and make the best use of the potential of biological diversity and ecosystems while contributing to biodiversity restoration, food and nutrition security, and sustainable livelihoods.

Jocelyn Brown Hall, Director, FAO North America
Jean-François Soussana, Vice President for International Affairs, INRAE

Thierry Caquet, Scientific Director for the Environment, INRAE
Eduardo Mansur, Director, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO

Irene Hoffmann, Secretary of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Marc Deconchat, Research Director and Director of the BIOSEFAIR Meta-program, INRAE

Thomas Pesek, Sr. Liaison Officer, FAO North America

Join the conversation on Twitter during the event using #ForNature.

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