• John Kempf – Author, Podcast Host and Agriculture Entrepreneur Founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture & KindHarvest
  • Nicole Masters – Author, Regenerative Soil Educator & Soil Coach, Director of Integrity Soils
  • Steven Bierlink – Owner/Manager of Monument Apples
  • Keith Berns – Co-Founder of Green Cover Seeds
  • Steve Becker – Chief Science Officer at Tainio Biologicals
  • Dan Kittredge – Founder/Executive Director of Bionutrient Food Assocation
  • Ted Bruns – Organic Grain Farmer and Equipment Specialist at Advancing Eco Agriculture
  • David Miller – Director of Education at Advancing Eco Agriculture
  • Nathan Harman – Regenerative Agriculture Consultant at Advancing Eco Agriculture
  • Dennis Warnecke – Director of Sales at Tainio Biologicals
  • Sarah Day Levesque – Managing Director at RFSI. GM of Events & Media at Acres USA

Topics include:

  • How to build regenerative practices on any farm & how biology can help with water
  • The why and how of regenerative agriculture
  • Economics & market demand for regenerative ag goods
  • Realistic steps to boost fruit quality
  • Planting-tips and steps of action
  • Nutrition management & plant sap analysis
  • Critical Points of Influence


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