You are invited to connect with colleagues & allies bringing forth a regenerative future via networking through Zoom chats.

If you are dreaming about a regenerative future, come meet others walking the same path.

Cross-pollinate with other networks and expand your support base of allies. Until we can once again meet in person, let us get to know each other better online.

During these one-hour “drop-in” sessions, we’ll organize random, one-on-one video chats so you can meet new people, discover new networks and projects, trade ideas, start relationships and generally strengthen the community making our regenerative future a reality. At the end of our formal hour, we offer an optional “Social Hour” where you can stay on and chat about whatever topic you’d like or continue conversations with some of the new friends you met. It’s a very welcoming space and we love to see fresh faces! Our events are Fun and Free! Pop in for as long as you like and bring a friend!

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