On March 23rd we are organising a Community of Practice session about Women in Landscape restoration.

In this session, we want to discuss the prominent role women have in forest and landscape management, community management, and farming and some of the challenges they still face when it comes to relevant decision-making. 

Regardless of the important role they play in maintaining their communities and their land (60-80% of the world’s small-holder farmers are women), they tend to have relatively little decision-making power when it comes to their land. Often this has to do with a lack of property rights or education. However, given their vital role in nurturing land and communities, involving more women in leading landscape restoration could be immensely beneficial.

During this session, Namita Misra, from the Foundation of Ecological security, will speak to us about gender-based decision-making for landscape restoration in India. Participants will have the chance to learn more about the role women have in India and share experiences from their own context. Sign up and save the date! 


09:00-09:10: Introduction

09:10-09:40: Gender-based decision-making with Namita Misra

09:40-09:50: Questions and Answers from the participants

09:50-10:20: Break-out rooms. Participants discuss the role of women in their landscapes.

10:20-10:30: Harvesting insights and closing up

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