Vibrant Farm, founded in 2020, is a four-season farm growing produce and nursery plants under certification with Certified Naturally Grown. We offer a CSA Member Balance program that allows anyone to purchase credit with our farm at a discount and shop for what they want when they want – at any of our locations. Our specialties include greens of all types, fresh root vegetables, and unique culinary herbs and you can see what’s available for the market through our website (


Vibrant Farm is a four-season farm in Bantam, CT growing specialty produce and garden starts. We sell directly to our customers and commercial accounts. 


Job Title(s): Farm Hand, part-time.

  • 1 opener
  • 1 harvest, wash, pack


Job Summary: 


Opener: assist in opening up greenhouse and performing morning chores including watering, seeding, nutrient management, other production-oriented tasks. Part-time, mornings, flexible days, semi-flexible hours


Harvest, Wash, Pack: Assist in the harvest, washing, and packing processes of field crops and microgreens for our various markets and customers. Part-time with opportunities for more hours. Flexible days & hours – ideally one day Mon or Tues, and one or two days Wed-Fri to start. 


Qualifications & Skills:


  • Punctual, considerate, enthusiastic, positive, consistent, mindful
  • Preferred experience/connection with the natural world, work with hands & mind


Pay & Benefits:


  • $15-$20/hr based on experience and/or productivity 
  • Share in Farmer Gleanings
  • Participate in a team dedicated to craft farming and our community
  • Catered experience with support based on your needs and goals

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Phone: (860) 266-1918


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