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Nkoilale Community Development Foundation is working together with other Maasai communities as Mara Isinya Conservancy and Joseph Lentunyoi’s Laikipia Permaculture Research Centre in Laikipia on regenaration of the savannah by using by silvo pasture and agro forestry methods combined.



Eratamare, a healthy savannas in Kenya

20 year vision

Our vision is an open savanna in which the rangelands for wildlife and livestock are flourishing in biodiversity and free roaming space. The rangelands are sustainably managed and educated by the Kenyan Savory Hub Mara training Centre.

In the open landscape there are high biodiversity hot spots found around the modern, off-grid and very ecological improving new houses of the Maasai. These houses are surrounded by a living agro-forest banks of some meters broad providing safety, food, honey, fodder, medicines, cosmetics and products for sale. Within these banks, rain water is harvested, the soil is rich of life and the yields are sufficient to provide food and income for the Maasai; all trained in permaculture principles by Joseph Lentunyou.

As we work together with many Maasai communities we have set up cooperatives to collect the products of our nature-inclusive land use and the cooperatives will produce and sell it to Kenyan and international markets. Many Maasai are willing to join our vision, the first trainings are given, but we need support for continuation and scaling up to make this collective vision a reality.

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A Healthy savanna for people, livestock and wildlife

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