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We are trying to invest, research, and develop a more resilient and regenerative food- and ecosystem recognizing the transgressed planetary boundaries as the context of our time and future.

Theory of change:

We operate with a theory of change focusing on systemic change and the scale of political economics. We want to develop and then lobby for working, integrated, and scalable models, I am collaborating with Vanaheimr developing the 100-hectare farm Øm Klostergaard, and Arkaia oversees the tech-orientated development and Vanaheimr the nature-based solutions.


I am from the farm currently focusing our efforts on, biodiversity restoration, regenerative agriculture, and systemic scalable models:

  • Biodiversity: a local bioregion in collaboration with our neighboring farms.
    • We collaborate with other philanthropic investors and restoration projects and develop a model for local engagement and broad restoration.
  • Farming, trial, and error: large-scale organic no-till for consumption. We are monitoring our 20-year regenerative soil health- and ecosystem plan, including a pasture-based system and row crop production.
    • We might collaborate with other small-scale farmers focusing on a more local and social theory of change.
  • Systemic change:
    • Practical integration: We run a farm and collaborate with Soil Capital [BE] as they have established a grain handling collaborative with carbon inserts based on their carbon methodology incentivizing regenerative practices. We see great potential for their system in Denmark and it aligns and operationalizes with our ideas for an output-based subsidy framework.
    • Think tank and lobby. The power of example, we recognize the need for alliances, data, and operationalized change. We want to counter the current lobby monopoly guiding political economics.

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20 year vision

We work less, enjoy our community, and participate in the citizen assembly stewarding the efforts of our thriving neighborhood. We have renovated our democratic infrastructure, aligning the metabolism of society with the planetary boundaries and ensuring a just distribution of the remaining GHG budget. We have restored the natural cycles, set aside vast nature parks and regenerated our shared ecosystem for production.

The anthropocentric potential and hope.

We open-sourced our work and made broad alliances, the social tipping point was undeniable, and we closed the generational gap with laughter and community embracing the diversity and knowledge between us.

The ecosystem restoration was a symptom of the community seeking meaning and impact, it was radical incremental work, but with so many stakeholders we finally had the human mycorrhiza network we needed, and we regenerated the ecosystem based on a restored and thriving democratic society.
For every body and soul.

An image for Photo credit: https://rewildingeurope.com/landscapes/oder-delta/

Photo credit: https://rewildingeurope.com/landscapes/oder-delta/

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