The 4 Returns framework: a guide to holistic landscape restoration is a product of true team effort with many contributions from the Commonland team and partner organisations. We would like to acknowledge and thank all our landscape partners. A special thanks goes out to those who have travelled the journey with us from the beginning: Living Lands, Grounded, AlVelAl, Wij.land, and Wide Open Agriculture, for the insights and knowledge that we have built up collectively over 12 years of testing the 4 Returns framework in landscapes. These form the basis of this guidebook. 

We would also like to thank our partners Wetlands International and the Landscape Finance Lab for their vital contributions to the 4 Returns framework in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration publication on the 4 Returns framework in 2021, and to the further development of tools and processes for the 4 Returns framework, which brought this guidebook to the next level. This incorporates the 5 elements from the Little Sustainable Landscape Book (2016) with refinements from the Landscape Finance Lab. 

Project team

  • Roos van der Deijl, landscape learning developer, Commonland – project lead and lead author
  • Bas van Dijk, landscape developer, Commonland – lead author
  • Hester Koning, landscape impact officer, Commonland – lead author
  • Laurens Gomez, senior landscape developer, Commonland – advisor and reviewer
  • Simon Moolenaar, director of knowledge, education, and innovation, Commonland – advisor and reviewer

We would like to thank all the following individuals for their effort, advice, and contributions to this guidebook.


  • Dirk ten Brink, programme manager landscape mobilisation, Wetlands International
  • Eva Cappon, major gift manager, Commonland
  • Hicham Daoudi, head of carbon, Commonland
  • Alejandro Diaz, landscape finance specialist, Commonland
  • Victoria Gutierrez, head of global policy, Commonland
  • Lucy Garrett, landscapes lead, Landscapes Finance Lab
  • Simon Hodges, storyteller, writer, and editor, Storyourself
  • Lucas Laubenheimer, carbon portfolio manager, Wetlands International
  • Elton Mudyazvivi, programme manager, Wetlands International
  • Joanne Pieterse, impact manager, Commonland
  • Tessa Snaterse, donor relationship expert, Commonland
  • Kilian Walz, carbon project specialist, Commonland

Contributors and reviewers

  • Charlie Avis, senior technical officer, rivers and lakes, Wetlands International
  • Jasper Bertels, landscape finance expert, Commonland
  • Dani Bender, impact advisor, RVO
  • Rutger Bults, senior landscape developer, Commonland
  • Mariken van den Boogaard, director of development and communications, Commonland
  • Dieter van den Broeck, 4 Returns labs manager and designer, Commonland
  • Deesha Chandra, learning lead, Landscape Finance Lab
  • Paul Chatterton, lead and founder, Landscape Finance Lab
  • Milena Engel, community manager, Commonland
  • Willem Ferwerda, founder, Commonland
  • Daniel Fourie, regenerative agriculture support, Grounded
  • Willemijn de Iongh, landscape developer, Commonland
  • Jeroen Jurriens, programme manager, Wetlands International
  • Shekhar Kolipaka, senior landscape developer, Commonland
  • Bouke Lohuis, major gift manager, Commonland
  • Tom Lovett, content creator, Commonland
  • Lily Maxwell-Lin, content lead, Commonland
  • Jim Mackintosh, director of landscape development and support, Commonland
  • Gustavo Mentlik, research coordinator, Landscape Finance Lab
  • Claire Patterson, Communications Officer, Commonland
  • Ellie Percey, landscape developer, Commonland
  • Pieter Ploeg, design strategist and facilitator, Commonland
  • Harma Rademaker, landscape manager, Commonland
  • Sabrina Russo, communications manager and designer, Landscape Finance Lab
  • Hans Schutten, programme head climate ready land-use, Wetlands International
  • Sven Sielhorst, head of organisations and programmes, Wij.land
  • Robert Styles, Director of Strategic & Bespoke Programs, ProSocial World
  • Femke Tonneijck, director of programme impact, Wetlands International
  • Zlatina Tsvetkova, learning and knowledge manager, Commonland
  • Nadine de Vogel, head of communications, Commonland

Copy editors

  • Simon Hodges, storyourself.com
  • Karen Bamford 
  • Kate McBride

Editorial design & illustrations

  • Janina Engel, engel.studio
  • Isabella Hofbauer

Website development and design

  • Marcel Klein Legtenberg, website development
  • Harm van der Burgt, UX/UI Design

Special thanks for their continuous support to:

  • Wijnand Pon, co-founding Patron of Commonland
  • John Loudon, CEO of the COmON Foundation
  • The IKEA Foundation
  • The Dutch Postcode Lottery

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