The Cikananga Wildlife Center – Yayasan Cikananga Konservasi Terpadu (YCKT), established on 27 August 2001 is located in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. The center is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat in Indonesia. YCKT assists with law enforcement, housing protected wildlife confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, and the reintroduction of animals back to the wild.

Beginning in 2020, YCKT started a sustainability program with a focus on food production. Currently, the center’s farm includes two growing areas, totaling roughly 0.7 hectares, with a third under development. Cikananga’s farm is a diversified organic farm, practicing regenerative agriculture. The vegetable operation supplies high-quality organic vegetables and fruits to the animals of YCKT. We practice minimal-soil disturbance methods, focussing on soil health and composting.

The sustainability program has two main mission goals:
– Provide the animals of Cikananga with fresh clean organic produce.
– Assist local farmers in the transition away from chemical-dependent agriculture and towards regenerative agricultural practices.
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Scott Hartle

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Cikananga Wildlife Centre

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