Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance-CDVTA cares about a society where All Generations work together for people in need while improving solidarity and impacting rural communities.  CDVTA core intervention efforts are mainly on climate actions, landscape restoration; ecosystem based adaptation, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, climate smart resilient food systems as well as climate actions.

CDVTA works with a network of smallholder farmers, farmer households and forest dependent communities and groups to restore landscapes protect farmlands, promote agroforestry, enhance regenerative sustainable agriculture and preserve rainforests and natural ecosystems. We do this by

  • Transforming rural livelihoods and restoring landscapes for  sustainable food security, increased income and   environmental preservation
  • Promoting the planting of trees that prevent soil erosion.
  • Popularizing the efficiency of shifting cultivation methods among farmers
  • Developing a local task force to fight against the use of bush fires.
  • Creating coalitions with key stakeholders that identify and protect the most vulnerable ecosystems.
  • Training and empowering youth, women, small-holder farmers and forested people on
  1. Tree-seedling development
  2. Tree planting and management
  3. Tree propagation, tree grafting and tree marcotting
  4. Protection of dry farmlands and
  5. Landscape restoration and forest regeneration to drive agro-forestry

In doing this CDVTA promotes sustainable alternative off-the forest livelihoods for forest dependent people through climate smart agriculture and resilient food systems by

  • Helping young people, small holder farmers and farmer households thrive in promoting regional/local economy and transformational activities
  • Promoting incentive diverse approaches to sustainable farming among young people, small holder farmers and farmer households.
  • Promoting the use of organic waste by young people, smallholder farmers and farmer households to build soils on farms and improve crop production
  • Encouraging learning and experimentation for young people, smallholder  farmers and farmer households through adaptive and collaborative agricultural systems
  • Improving young people and farmers’ capacities in adapting their activities to climate variation crop production
  • Compiling and disseminating to young people and farmers the most efficient techniques in organic farming.
  • Promoting climate smart agriculture and resilient food systems with among young people, small holder farmers and farmer households around rain forest communities
  • Empowering and using young people and farmers as vectors for a wide dissemination of the healthiest climate smart agricultural innovations and best practices for the sustainability of their income and businesses.
  • Strengthening the capacity of young people and small holder farmers at local and regional levels to improve productivity, market access and landscape management in an inclusive manner while incorporating traditional knowledge for improved performance.
  • Advocating, promoting and encouraging national sector policy development to capture the economic value of outputs from landscapes, but also to balance these against the long-term values of ecosystem services, biodiversity and interventions at the landscape scale.
  • Developing agricultural demonstrations and training facilities for young people and small holder famers and forest dependent people and communities in partnership with agricultural research institutions to strengthen the capacity of farmers and improve agricultural network exchanges and shared learning

Should any organization be interested in our work, we would be happy to forward to then, a mapping of our landscapes, forest and vegetation, our strategic actions as well as well as locations of the areas where we currently work.

Contacts can be made to


Francis Njuakom


CDVTA Cameroon

John Wesley Development Centre (JWDC)
Sisia Quarter, Nkwen, Bamenda,
P.O Box 5091, Nkwen Post Office,
Bamenda, North West Region,
Cameroon, West Africa.

Email: cdvtaprojects1998@gmail.comcdvtaprojects@yahoo.com
Phone: (237) 678 721 653
Website: www.cdvta.org



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