We are enthousiastic and driven individuals with a passion for nature. After years of experience in the (non)profit sector, we have decided to leverage this experience for a greater purpose: to achieve a green, healthy and sustainable future for now and generations to come. We truly believe this can only be done by re-establishing natures rightful place in the world and by regenerating ecosystems.

That is why we have started the project FoodForest Living:
Regenerate nature and the lives of people by planting food forests,
producing biological food and creating new ways of healthy living in nature

We are hands-on entrepreneurs with years of commercial experience. Our talent to mobilize parties and guide stakeholders through new and unchartered territories, reflects our ‘getting things done’ mindset. Our approach is to co-create with lots of guts and humor, in order to harvest together.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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