Living Lands is active in two landscapes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: the Langkloof and Baviaanskloof. Our work and projects are as diverse as the landscapes and people we work with.

We are guided by our Vision: “Collaborations working on Living Landscapes”

  • When we speak about ‘collaborations’ we mean working together to solve common challenges and co-creating solutions based on mutual understanding, trust and respect.
  • The power of ‘working on’ a living landscape is that by being based on a landscape, you have your feet planted in the reality on the ground.
  • ‘Living Landscapes’ refers to a variety of agricultural, ecological and social systems, which are managed sustainably.

Our guiding principles help us align our vision to maintain a consistent approach across all landscapes. The following principles are integral to how we operate:

  • We believe that in order to create collective action, you need to build strong relationships and social capital.
  • Our work is dynamic and based on continuous learning.
  • We endeavor to not impose preconceived ideas but to listen carefully to understand the reality and nuances of the landscapes on which we work.
  • We value an informal yet professional approach.

Our work is a ‘work in progress’ and our approach is one we’ve nurtured over many years. It combines ‘bottom-based’ processes (i.e. on the landscape) and ‘top-guided’ (i.e. research, policy and global context) processes to facilitate shared learning and collective action. This approach integrates the building blocks of Theory U (developed by the Presencing Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) and the 4 Returns framework by Commonland.

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