Living Lands facilitates collaborations and knowledge sharing in landscapes of South Africa since 2009. They have developed, tested, refined and applied their ‘Living Landscape Approach’, integrating the building blocks of  Theory U and the Commonland 4 Returns. This approach brings bottom-based and top-guided processes together to facilitate social learning and collaboration between local stakeholders.

It builds ownership and willingness within local stakeholders and is supported by an integrated effort of the government and private sector to implement and mainstream policies and programmes. A knowledge and evidence base is developed which informs the programmes and policies that arise out of the process.

“We see ourselves as facilitators on the landscape”

Where they work:

  • Baviaanskloof
  • Langkloof
  • Sneeuberg
  • Capetown Catchments

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Connected landscapes

Rehabilitating the Langkloof and Baviaanskloof catchments

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Living Lands

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