RFM helps farmers create value from their environmental assets. It is building the advisory, data management and financial infrastructure to support this mission.

As a farmer-owned business, the mutual represents the interests of farmers in engaging with environmental markets. Its role is to assist them through education and training, opportunity definition, negotiating with prospective buyers, simplifying transaction execution, and thereafter supporting the delivery of environmental outcomes.

RFM is uniquely able to deliver landscape impact. Our cooperative structure is ideally suited to encourage landholders to work together. Similarly, it enables us to collaborate with others in a very open and transparent manner – from individual advisors; to government organisations; to corporate relationships. It enables us to avoid duplication, pursue efficiencies, and to optimise the value created by farmers and landholders.


The video below is of a member talking about one of our landscape impact projects “Feathers, Fur, Forests, Farms and Families” under development in Traprock, Queensland.

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