Restore Nature Foundation has a mission to restore natural ecosystems. We are currently carrying out this mission in Southern Portugal, Europe’s dry frontline of desertification and climate change effects. We operate on organic farm Vinha Velha and surrounding projects. We support landowners in their reforestation efforts and organize strategic natural interventions in collaboration with experts while building a strong regional community.

Within 20 years we want to be spill in a web of community supported reforestation/ agroforestry projects. Our foundation will serve as a channel for support in terms of resources, support in the field, advice, education, and finances. This way we can make impact to restore natural ecosystems in various urgent regions of the world and empower landowners to get started to grow productive forests that support their livelihood and bring back biodiversity, improve the soil and restore the watercycle.

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Matthijs Wansink

Matthijs Wansink

Founder & Executive Director Restore Nature Foundation

Portugal, Portuguese Republic


Restore Nature Foundation

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