Sarvesham Development Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to increasing farmers’ income in Bihar through sustainable agricultural practices.

Why Bihar :

  1. Over 70% of Bihar’s population relies on agriculture for their livelihood, with the significant contributions of the smallholder farmers and farm workers.
  2. Bihar’s farmers earn less than half of the average income of Indian farmers, highlighting a pressing need for capacity building and support.
  3. Bihar is the largest agricultural state in India, with a great diversity of crops and offering vast potential for innovation and improvement within the farming sector.
  4. With a significant emphasis on bioethanol and biogas production backed up by government subsidies, the environment is conducive to procuring secondary resources from the farming community.
  5. Bihar presents ample opportunities for enhancing productivity and income through targeted interventions as the farmers are ready to take the initiative and work hard to make a change.

Our current initiative aims to elevate farmer income by increasing productivity using sustainable farming practices while improving soil quality. We strive to achieve this by skilling farmers and piloting crops with volunteer farmers from different blocks and villages. We strive to adequately map the potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions (including CO2, N2O, and CH4) in Bihar’s rural areas and to devise tailored solutions.

To realize our goals, we are establishing a comprehensive baseline database at the block level to analyze the cropping systems and the current farming practices. Additionally, we are exploring registration methods in carbon registries to encompass legumes and other cash crops, broadening the scope of our impact.

In this endeavour, we seek partnerships with organizations/individuals who share our vision and are engaged in similar initiatives. By joining forces, we can pool our resources, expertise, and networks to drive meaningful change and uplift our rural communities across the globe.

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Sarvesham Development Foundation

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