The Vision

The Foundation invites you to imagine a paradigm in which land is not bought or sold,
but cared for, not by owners but by guardians. The Foundation proposes a Land
Conservation Trust Model using donations to manage land and real estate in Portugal to
generate greater environmental and social well-being.


Of public concern

In the current paradigm, the founders of the future Foundation see many examples of
neglect and indifference in both private and public land and real estate in Portugal such
as short-term vision, division and fragmentation of land, improper construction,
speculation, unethical exploitation, pollution at the surface and subsoil levels,
deforestation, loss of soil fertility, erosion and desertification, and the reduction and
disappearance of native species.


The Foundation aims to:

  • Support innovation and entrepreneurship projects;
  • Encourage regenerative agriculture and a sustainable relationship with the land
    and its resources;
  • Stimulate regenerative and restorative practices of damaged ecosystems and
    the protection of biodiversity;
  • Protect natural resources (water, soil, air);
  • Prevent erosion and desertification;
  • Contribute to the retention of and supply of water;
  • Preserve the natural and cultural patrimony of Portugal;
  • Enhance social justice by providing affordable housing and work spaces within
    urban spaces;
  • Cultivate and contribute to resilient communities.

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