With a multi-disciplinary and inter-continental team for large projects and individual local-knowledge and expertise for localized design and implementation, United Designers International uses a comprehensive design process, incorporating each ecological and structural element. It prioritizes the essential stages of phased implementation, client preferences, and provisions. Our designs encompass long-term resilience for social, economic, and environmental resources.

Practice areas:

  • (Largescale) Ecosystem Restoration
  • Community-Based Watershed Restoration
  • GIS Resource Assessment and Planning
  • Homestead Design
  • Food Forests
  • Holistic Management
  • Agroforestry Systems

We can restore abundance for a resilient community to be self-reliant, creative, inventive, and sustained.


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Daniel Halsey

Daniel Halsey

Lead Designer/Founder

United States of America

Wen Rolland

Wen Rolland

Supportive Designer at United Designers, Horticulturist and Ecological Designer


Kelly Bull

Kelly Bull

Landscape Designer and Garden Coach

United States of America

Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean

Supportive Designer

United States of America

Michael Lynn

Michael Lynn

Supportive Designer at United Designers International, Owner- Eastern Ecosystems

United States of America


United Designers International

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