The goal of Verrijkende landbouw is to create large social collaborations that will work together to introduce a new agricultural system. A system that has a positive effect on land use compared to the current system and, including soil quality which impacts the health of crops and of people.

To develop a new agricultural system (system B), we use the knowledge and experiences of the many initiatives of “frontrunners” who develop valuable knowledge to that new system. Within system B, we focus on ‘land’, ‘value’ and ‘people’ in a new way.

We focus on an open dialogue about the exchange of manpower, market, use of machines, resources and financial flows within the area, whereby the definition of ‘area’ can differ for various aspects of this exchange. In addition, we also explain which overarching rules, policies and organizations need to change in order to actually scale up a new approach and develop it into the ‘new normal’.


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1390 members are now active on, connecting, sharing their field experiences, and creating new opportunities and initiatives together.

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