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More and more people have discovered the wonderful world of podcasts during the pandemic. Whether it’s during a walk, driving a tractor or working in the garden, podcasts are a great medium to get inspired and welcome new voices and ideas into your life. 

At 4returns.earth, we especially love hearing about the amazing work being done to regenerate our planet. Whether that is by restoring degraded land, connecting people with nature or building resilient communities. Here are some of our favourite podcasts that show a better world is possible.

🎧 FarmeramaRadio is an award-winning podcast featuring stories of hope from those at the very roots of the regenerative farming movement. The goal is to rejuvenate the confidence and vibrancy of farmers and rural communities to demonstrate how their decisions affect us all – from our food, to our health, and the planet.

🎧 RegenNarration is your podcast if you want to hear from high profile and grass-roots leaders who are regenerating life on this planet. Anthony James, award-winning facilitator, educator, and published writer leads you through conversations that show what needs to be done and what people are currently doing to heal our planet.

🎧 Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food aims to answer the question: “How can we put our money to work in regenerative agriculture and food?”. For the last 4 years,  Koen van Seijen and co-host Benedikt Bösel have been talking to farmers, business professionals and investors to find out about the potential for investing in regenerative agriculture. If you’re interested in the technical aspects of business and regeneration – then this podcast is for you!

🎧 The Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast is hosted by Dimitri Tsitos and Etienne Compagnon. They interview farmers, scientists and other experts to discuss how to merge productivity and healthy ecosystems while making farms financially viable. From discussing appropriate crop-tree combinations to how to adapt business models and sales strategies; this podcast gives you an in-depth look into regenerative agroforestry across the world.

🎧 Permaculture for the Future is there to spread positive stories and tips that anyone can do to transition to a regenerative lifestyle. You’ll hear from people who are collectively healing ourselves and the planet. Host Josh Robinson interviews authors, teachers and other folks who are taking on some of the biggest challenges of our time…and winning!

Do you have a favourite podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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