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This is the final story in the Baviaanskloof blog series, where we take one last look at a group of farmers who began to embrace regenerative agriculture techniques, trading fields of lucerne and grazing goats for regenerative rosemary and lavandin crops. In our first post, we examined the complexity of finding the right crop alternatives for the soil and the farmers; in the second, we unpacked the mistakes we made in the transition. In this last story, we delve into the difficulty of bringing products to markets at a fair price for producers. We hope to share what we’ve learned, our mistakes and insights, so we can begin to shift toward a food system that works better for people and landscapes.

Read the full story here: Baviaanskloof Part 3: The untold challenge of regenerative farming

(Feature photo credit: Gareth Hubbard)

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Though initially promising, the fields of lavandin didn't yield enough to make the crop profitable (photo credit: Gareth Hubbard)

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Devco farmers carefully monitor their crops at every step of in-house processing (photo credit: Gareth Hubbard)

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