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How can you value large-scale landscape restoration? What future markets may open up to landscape restoration practitioners? Why is it difficult to leverage investments into large-scale landscape restoration?

These are just some of the issues discussed in the latest episode of Investing in Regenerative Agriculture. In this podcast, part of the Landscape Tech series, Jasper Bertels – Landscape Finance Specialist at Commonland – talks to host Koen van Seijen about the development of a method that models the monetary values generated by holistic landscape restoration.

Jasper explains how the method uses techniques like discount rates to calculate the multiple returns generated by landscape restoration, as well as how many returns – like clean running water or carbon drawdown – are societal benefits, yet the costs are currently bourn by farmers and landscape stewards.

“We think this method will help to better understand the total value for society when you restore a landscape” – Jasper Bertels, Landscape Finance Specialist at Commonland

Clink the link to check out the episode and learn more about this holistic landscape valuation method.

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