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Geographic Information Systems allow us to see the positive impact of regenerative agriculture on the landscape.

The incorporation of green cover for various uses shows an improvement in our soil and landscape. The farming partners of AlVelAl grow green covers either for its management and incorporation as green manure, for management with livestock such as our excellent Segureño IGP lamb, for use as mulching soil protector or as a permanent cover crop.

This is a landscape regeneration technique that, thanks to the Geographic Information Systems available today, we can visualize from a bird’s eye view thanks to Orthophotos extracted by Arcgis.

In this blog post, we can perfectly visualize the land of our partners’ farms in spring 2020 and compare it to images from 2018. On these farms, green manure has been implemented thanks to the Operational Group “4R: Regeneration of Degraded Soils”; as opposed to the neighbouring farms where we find completely bare soils.

These farms are located in the provinces of Almeria and Granada, which will soon be joined by those that applied for the Seed Fund, awarded in October 2020.

The images below show us how “little by little, the practices and management implemented by farmers a few years ago, have a positive impact on the landscape; the actions we carry out at ground level in turn modify the landscape visible from Arcgis,” says Miguel Ángel Gómez, responsible for Regenerative Agriculture at AlVelAl.

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One reply on "Transforming the landscape through green cover"

  1. Wow this is impressive. Great visualisation of the work by the 4R group!

    As I’m someone who does not know a lot about landscape restoration, these pictures made me wonder if we’re seeing the green manure only, or if we’re seeing the green because other plants have blossomed?

    I really love it, and i’m curious to your answer!

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