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Wij.land’s inspiration route is now open! Grab a bike and head into the Dutch Western Peat meadows for a cycle route of inspiration, farm visits and delicious local food.

The cycle route is 44 km long and takes you through various polders and past several Wij.land farms. With the inspiration route, you will not only be inspired by the landscape you cycle through and the art of the farmers, but also by the various art aspects along the route. All stopping points along the route are indicated in the map below by various pins. The yellow pins are Wij.land farms that are not open for visits, the green pins are farms where you can do something and the blue pins are the artworks and open studios. You can check out the interactive map here and look at the full route on google maps.

The route can be shortened and cycled in parts. You can cycle the route every day; there are signs along the route with QR codes so that you can read more about the locations.

Several farms are open a few days a week (Groene Griffioen: Thu-Wed-Fri-Sat; Tuinen van Hartstocht: daily; Lindenhoff Marché: Thu-Fri-Sat). And along the route there are several works of art to be seen and several studios where you are welcome during an open studio.

Do you want to visit a farm or studio en route? Then make sure to align your cycle with their opening hours.

Some farms have activities and workshops taking place – but make sure you sign up first! Scroll down on this page to check the events.

Check out the description of the route for more information and start planning your cycle: Wij.land inspiratieroute

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