The carbon quick scan is a qualitative exercise to gain insight into the attractiveness of different carbon project opportunities. It is used before conducting a detailed feasibility assessment. It includes eight criteria that are important for the successful development of carbon projects and can be extended individually. If, for example, very specific criteria need to be considered, they can be added to the list and examined further. You can use the table format as a template and fill in your assessment of the criteria as bullet points or text.
This tool can be referenced as: Commonland, Wetlands International and Landscape Finance Lab (2024), 4 Returns Carbon Quick Scan.
Illustration: Janina Engel, engel.studio
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4 replies on "4 Returns Carbon Quick Scan"

  1. Hi, If you score each criterion with high / med / low, how do you calculate the end score?

  2. Dear Kozette,

    this is an excellent question and I have become aware that there is no description about how to calculate the end score.
    Let’s assume that high/mid/low are ranks, where high is the highest rank, and low is the lowest rank. We can now calculate the mode and the median of the ranked data.

    For our application, it is better to choose the median. We do the following:
    1. Assign numbers to the ranks (i.e., low = 1, mid = 2; high = 3).
    2. Order the data in ranks (i.e., 11223333).
    3. Rank the data and select the number at the mid-point. In the case of 8 criteria, this means that the mid-point is the average of values at position 4 and 5 (i.e., if the ranked data is ‘1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3’ the median is 2.5).

    If median is smaller than 1.5, the end score is ‘low’;
    If median is equal to or larger than 1.5 and smaller than 2.5, the end score is ‘mid’;
    If median is equal to or larger than 2.5, the end score is ‘high’.

    Try it out, hope it makes sense! Good luck with your carbon assessments

    1. Thanks very much for the explanation, Kilian! It makes sense.

  3. Hi Kozette,

    Welcome! I have added the explanation to the 4R Quick Scan file.

    Best wishes,

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