How does nature protect from pathogens?

How does nature sustain communities?

How does nature encourage resilience?

How does nature… ?

Fill in the gap and this tool provides an answer to it. The AskNature team has researched thousands of nature’s solutions to various challenges. These are collected into a database of concrete examples, for anyone to explore.

AskNature is a project of the Biomimicry Institute, built by and for the community. Since 2006, an evolving team of Biomimicry Institute staff members, volunteer contributors, advisors, and partner organizations have been striving to build a digital platform that connects innovators with the knowledge, ideas, and people that will enable them to imagine and develop circular and resilient solutions to society’s greatest challenges. It is possible to inquire about volunteering, advising, and employment.

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1770 members are now active on, connecting, sharing their field experiences, and creating new opportunities and initiatives together.

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