This template outlines the different aspects to take into account when assessing the feasibility of a carbon project as part of a landscape restoration programme and related activities.

We do not claim that this template is exhaustive but hope it serves as a starting point for a holistic assessment of carbon potential and associated costs.

Feel free to add anything you feel is specific to your landscape and/or region, and related to your specific requirements.

You can find the template below. To start writing your own report, click on ‘view tool’ to find the template in a word document.

This tool can be referenced as: Commonland, Wetlands International, Landscape Finance Lab (2024), Carbon finance feasibility study report template.

Illustration: Janina Engel, engel.studio

Content feasibility study

Suitability Scoring

  • Suitability score

Project Overview


  • What is the feasibility Study?

Site description / Landscape

  • Description of proposed project area
  • Project boundaries
  • Area (ha)
  • Data availability
  • 4 Losses

Project description

  • Description of proposed project area
  • Land ownership
  • Land tenure and use rights
  • Project ownership
  • Project start and end date
  • 4 Returns

Carbon impact

  • Project eligibility under carbon standard
  • Sectoral scope
  • Carbon credit methodology
  • Project applicability under selected methodology
  • Current situation
  • Baseline (without-project scenario)
  • Project intervention (with-project scenario)
  • Carbon impact
  • Additionality
  • Leakage
  • Non-permanence
  • Costs
  • Carbon benefits
  • Baseline monitoring outcome

Community and stakeholders

  • Current situation
  • Baseline development (without-project scenario)
  • Project intervention (with-project scenario)
  • Stakeholder consultation


  • Current situation (baseline)
  • Baseline development (without-project scenario)
  • Project intervention (with-project scenario)
  • Host country acceptance
  • Potential risks
  • Health and safety

Biodiversity and other ecosystem benefits

  • Current situation
  • Baseline development (without-project scenario)
  • Project intervention (with-project scenario)
  • Data
  • Long term development of the ecosystem
  • Effects of climate change on the developments

Description 4 Returns in Project Scenario

  • Return of Inspiration
  • Social Returns
  • Natural Returns
  • Financial Returns

Project set-up

  • What is our track record in relation to the project?
  • Lead partner
  • Implementation partnership
  • Budget
  • Mode of operation
  • Monitoring plan and protocol for carbon and biodiversity
  • Management plan for project area
  • Financial model
  • Benefit sharing
  • Cost sharing
  • Upscaling potential
  • Potential in terms of creating 4 Returns in a landscape or ecosystem attached to a landscape.


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